Kapil's Show : Comedy Nights With Kapil Set Burned

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Comedy King Kapil's currant show "Comedy Nights With Kapil" film set is burned in film city. In Mumbai after heavy rain set goes fired and gutted now. Comedy Nights With Kapil was one of the famous TV serial now. Comedy king entertain the people there. It's one of the highest earning and highest TRP show of colors channel. Lets see what will happen now. We will surely miss the kapil and his show till everything goes fix. Here are some photos I am sharing of current scenario.

Firemen douse the fire which broke out at Filmcity in Goregaon on Wednesday.

All set burned. They should set the whole set again now to start TV show again

Comedy-nights-with-Kapil-set-caught-fire.jpg (380×285)

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Comedy-Nights-Sets-240x225.jpg (240×225)

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