Blind Beggar Story : It's a beautiful day and i cant see it Must See

Here is the blind beggar story, really such a inspiring story is this : story is about one blind men. Blind men begging at the street. He made signboard and write "I am blind, please help me" init. People passing through him but nobody giving money to him. After some time one girl come to the old beggar and read the signboard. And write something on that signboard and go away.

After that every people who passing near to that old beggar helping him by giving some money to him, old beggar collect a lot of money which can be helpful for his eye operation. You know why everyone started helping that old beggar?

That girl who wrote something on that signboard. She wrote "It's a beautiful day and i cant see" every people has start helping after reading that sentence. She just changed the word to serve the actual meaning to the people. Story is all about "Your words are too powerful". just use them properly..

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