Why a Man Is a Better Helpmate For Shopping

It is already a stereotype that men hate shopping. They just can’t stand to roam about the shops waiting for their beloved woman to choose the right color blouse. To wait for two hours is very difficult for them while sitting and fishing for hours is a great pleasure! It is not a secret that women like to be lost among all those hangers with dozens of colorful belongings. What can they do if this is in their blood, the duty to look gorgeous and they do really care of how that or another thing fits them or not.

Men do not emphasize all that problems the women always fuss about. They just choose the thing they feel themselves comfortable in and buy it. A woman can spend hours choosing a blouse from one shop and that-one-matching-my-eyes from the other. Only 26 minutes are enough for a man to get tired of shopping. If he wants to refresh his wardrobe, he will spend an hour on it.

But when it comes to women, they always take friends with them to go shopping, mainly they are females. Though there’s a treacherous thing about that – women can not always tell the truth about the thing chosen. ‘This dress makes her bigger in size’, she can think, ‘I better tell her it fits her perfectly’. Well, women are women. And if you have suspicions about the thing you want to buy, better choose anther one.

So, that’s why it is not a rare case when we see a girl going around the mall with a male friend. Not boyfriend, but a friend. A friend, who can give her a good piece of advice concerning the choice of clothing. Why are men better helpmates while shopping than women? Here are some reasons for that.

  • First of all, a man’s view on the clothes she chooses is a direct one, even if offensive to a woman. He can really tell you what he doesn’t like about the thing and why it doesn’t fit you.
  • He won’t complain about the hours spent in the mall. He will wait until he will be able at least to state ‘This is your thing, you should take it’. Not even having a long look at you, some seconds will be enough for him to realize that this thing is yours.
  • Moreover, a man can even suggest you the things that will be really good for you. As he knows indeed what men like more about the women’s appearance.
  • Well, of course, a great reason for a man to go shopping with a female friend is that he can have an opportunity to watch his beautiful friend having on different skirts showing her beautiful legs or blouses with different kinds of law necks. Well, you understand what I am talking about.
  • A man can even be a better ‘gossip girl’ than all the female friends, who can tell a lot about the things that the woman is interested in.
So, grab your best male friend and have a great weekend with him doing shopping!

About the author: Paul Smith is a freelancer currently working for a writing service. He enjoys writing about psychology, relationships, social media and business.

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