Innovative Traffic Signals to Save your Life

Traffic signs and signals are definitely a beneficial way to convey the message in simpler and shorter form. But unfortunately, some dangerous roads and no go areas are still lacking that kind of vital symbols to keep people’s life save. Some sigh boards are neglected and some are not so constructive to convey the relevant message. World gets mad when they have to suffer the rush and no directional boards are there to tell them the other alternative paths. Eventually people get frustrated and aggressive and might become the reason for dangerous accidents. By observing these kind of confusions our US transportation department decided to install some useful and innovative traffic signals to convey the true message.

Signals for Bicycles:

Previously there were only the signals for cars and heavy traffic. But there were no conventional signal for bicycles. At last the bicycle rider get suffer from cars and heavy traffic. Therefore, our transportation department created a unique signal having three kinds of pictures in one board, one car, second heavy traffic, and third bicycles. When car picture turn green, all cars have to move and when bicycle picture turn green all bicycles move. This method proved helpful and instant decrease in accidents got noticed.

Protection from Accidents:

As number of bikes increased on roads with the passage of time. So our department installed a sensor at corners or turning points of roads. Because when cars take, turns they get collide with bikers. Sensor’s red light tells drivers to keep away because a bike is coming from this turn.
Animated signals for Pedestrians:
Animated signals also proved helpful in accidental decrease because a little green countdown starts whenever a pedestrian try to cross road. These animated signals were installed in every busy area. We get a unique idea from canvas prints au  to install that animated board on canvas. Surprisingly the idea was hit, and we found that all countdown number are green in colors indicates that you can safely cross the road. And if any number turns red then it means you should not cross the road because traffic is running on the way.
Directional Boards:
Mostly people gets confused because there are no particular directional boards to tell them right paths. And people lost their ways in this confusion. So we thought to install small directional boards after every signal that tells them the area’s name and let them aware from the next destination. So our department thought to convert your  photos on canvas having LED lights that tell them the exact destination. This proved helpful for riders and pedestrians as well. We also install directional boards on the inside streets to aware the visitors about their location. Moreover, we mentioned miles too, to tell them the distance from their desired place.
We worn out old indicators that were no more constructive and helpful and we installed indicators at every signal. The indicators were green, red, and yellow in color. Red to warn them, yellow to prepare for ride and green to run away.
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