The Best New Year resolutions you should try in 2014

A New Year’s day is a popular turning point for summing up the results of the last year and to make ambitious plans for the next one. It’s time to have a look back on your life, and to change its direction if necessary. Meanwhile, as the practice shows many people have hard times creating those resolution lists. Ones stick to boring and mundane “get fit, get promoted, find a girlfriend” etc. The others in their heads in the clouds, in contrary, make ambitious promises to double their income or date a model, not having a proper background for this...

Making the right resolutions can change your life or at least enrich you with the new impressions and make the life fullier. Ready for a breakthrough?

Then include these points into your resolution list:

  • Hate your job? Be brave enough to quit it! Job takes a lion’s share of our day time, and it’s stupid to spend this time doing something you secretly hate. However, be provident, and before saying your boss everything you think of him, make sure that you have a plan B.
  • Get rid of your most annoying bad habit. Yes, begin with one thing only, but get rid of this completely. Being focused, you’re more likely to succeed and be deservedly proud of yourself.
  • Learn something completely different from your area of expertise. If you don’t know any foreign language, think about mastering one. If you’ve never drawn in your life, why not to try it? Changing the hobbies and career are perfect to expand your mental outlook.
  • Get in shape. Even if your weight is normal it’s not an excuse for the absence of physical activity. I’m not speaking about spending all your free time in the gym. But when you have at least minimal levels of physical activity, you hit several aims at once. Your energy levels increase, you have a good time, meet new people - and this all is just an addition to numerous health benefits.
  • Travel outside your country. It will enrich you with new impressions and precious memories. The trip shouldn’t be long - sometimes a couple of days is enough to make you see the world through different eyes.
  • Try something you are terribly afraid of - be it a skydiving, bunge jumping or dating a girl you liked from the first slight. The adrenaline rush and the understanding it’s not so deadly scary as it seemed will increase your self-esteem and inspire for the new unexpected things.
  • Stop updating your facebook and twitter several times a day. The most successful people don’t waste days reading their friends’ newsfeed. What is the matter of the fact you’ve had coffee and going shopping now? Spend more time on socializing with your real friends, not subscribers who don’t care that much.
  • Start managing your money wisely. If you want to have a safe and secure tomorrow, then the efforts should be taken today. So, save at least 10% of your income and wisely spend the 90% left. If you learn how to manage your money while you’re young, you’ll never have financial problems as an adult.
Article By : Paul Smith 

(Paul is a real professional when it comes to psychology, business and social media. Paul enjoys learning new things and sharing them with his numerous readers. Contact Paul at Google+-essay writing services review.

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