Valentine's Week Days list 2014 : Enjoy The Love

2014 Valentine's Week Days list is here. 

7th Feb 2014 is the first day of Valentine week, The Rose Day

8th Feb 2014 is the Second Day, Propose Day

9th Feb 2014 is the Third Day, Chocolate Day

10th Feb 2014 is the Fourth Day, Teddy Day

11th Feb 2014 is the Fifth Day, Promise Day

12th Feb 2014 is the Sixth Day, Hug Day

13th Feb 2014 is the Seventh Day, Kiss Day

and the Last one is

14th FEB 2014 


Valentine week 2014 is starting from 7th Feb. All these days are days of love. Spread love in the world. Young girls and boys enjoys all days by giving gifts and by suprising eachother.

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