Ways to Save Money On Abroad Calling

If you are a frequent holiday maker or business traveller you will want to know the best ways in which to save money when calling abroad.

While some carriers such as AT&T and Version have made it possible for the new generation mobile to be able to use apps such as Skype Mobile, Whatsapp and talkatone. They have also been raising per minute call rates, the cost to send and receive texts and fees for visiting a website or downloading a file.

The text rates are similarly steep if you go abroad which means you have to watch how much you spend or in other words look at this article to get the best things to save on calling.

Here are some tips on how you can save money and makes sure that you don’t end up with a bill two or three times your normal price on your contract the next time you go abroad :

You can discuss with your phone company or go to your local phone store to get advice on what to do when abroad, all of the major companies don’t all have shops in range of eachother so they offer online support so you can even get help without leaving the house, you may even sometimes get a discount for calling and planning ahead.

Make sure you get to grips with everything you need to know, for example things like: 
  • How much it costs when calling another mobile and connecting up to a landline as mobiles cost a lot more money to connect to and call.
  • The charge for sending and receiving SMS, in some cases it can be really extortionate compared to the normal rate. 
  • How you can send other people photos and video content, if you do this by text you can expect a great leap in price.

Use WiFi and you can do everything that you need including web. Do this as often as possible because this is FREE! Make sure that when at a WiFi hotspot abroad you get the password and use it when possible because this will save a lot on your bills etc.

To do this you first have to optimise your mobile for use abroad. In most phones you do this by going into settings, this is where you can control many functions of your phone. Remember that most phones use a cellular network (one that charges) and a WiFi connection so you can choose different options.

To make sure that you don’t get charged a lot turn off the international roaming because this charges you for receiving things like emails etc. You can still send text messages just make sure that you have your actual network turned on which is usually called mobile data.

If you aren’t really going to need your phone 24/7 then you can turn off mobile data to restrict everything to WiFi. Also to save money you can when at WiFi use apps that allow you to send messages like texts, things like whatsapp, Viber you can call for free and there are a handful of other free messaging apps.

Article By :  Aidan (He is a keen writer who has a particular interest in how to save money. He is currently writing on behalf of Connect4Free a company that provides free dial up internet.)

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