Four offbeat Android launchers to transform your phone

Aviate (Free)

First up is a personal favorite, Aviate. It's a free Android launcher from Yahoo that shows collections of apps on your home screen that it thinks it might be useful, depending on where you are and the time of day.

Great for: People who like to stay organized, especially on their phone.

Like Aviate, EverythingMe groups together your apps into categories, such as "social" and "weather." The difference is that EverythingMe uses a more traditional Android design and takes a different approach to bringing you apps when it thinks you need them.

Great for: Anyone who wants to take the idea of Aviate a few steps further, but still wants to tinker with their phone's design.

Not everyone with a smartphone is tech savvy, and Wiser gets that. Using large icons and bright colors, this launcher simplifies your phone's operating system so that it's easy for just about anyone to use. It's also dead-simple to set up -- just download and install from Google Play.

Great for: Kids, seniors, or anyone who feels overwhelmed by their phone's stock operating system.

Themer (Free)

Though still in beta, Themer gets a mention here because it lets you add unique and heavily-customized home screen designs to your phone with very little effort. The app was built by MyColorScreen, a site where Android users show off their home screens, many of which look more like graphic design projects than stock Android.

Great for: Those who want to tweak their phone's design, but don't want to spend time picking out icons, wallpapers, and widgets.

Most Android phones are great out of the box, but the beauty of the operating system is that you can customize everything about your device to suite your needs. With the help of the right launcher, you can give your phone a whole new look with one tap or streamline its design so that it's easy enough for even your tech-phobic relatives to use.

Source : CNET

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