Speed Up Your 'Android Phone' With this Single Tweak

Give Your 'Android Phone' a Speep-Rush With a Single Tweak; Helpful Tips And Tricks to Speed Up Android Phones..

Every reviewer went on to give the best and the worst comments about the latest software update. You can read the tips and tricks for iOS 7.1 here.

Although the tips and tricks were for iOS 7.1, some of them can also be tweaked to accommodate Android handsets. This way, you can get the better out of your Android smartphones and tablets, according to BGR.

Google is synonymous with adaptability and agility. Its mobile OS is open to all kinds of tweaks, improvements and enhancements even from third-party vendors. Also, it houses some of the best in-built features that Android users can use to enhance the user experience.


When Android users switch from one app to another (or) when a new window is opened or closed, the onscreen "transition animations" come into picture. This display can be tweaked to improve the speed of the device, BGR said.

To finetune this particular feature, go to "Developer options" settings. In some phones, this option may be hidden, perusing the available settings could locate you the option.

After locating Developer options, scroll until you find the following three settings. Depending on your phone, you may locate these settings on the main screen or as an advanced option.

- Window animation scale

- Transition animation scale

- Animator duration scale

Upon tapping the settings, you can see a default value "Animation scale 1x" set for each one of the settings. To speed up your Android phone or tablet, change each of these three settings to "Animation scale .5x."

After making the changes to Animator duration scale setting, you'll have to restart Android's launcher.

To restart Android's launcher:  Open the Settings screen > Tap Apps > Swipe over to All category > Scroll down to tap the Launcher app.

This tweak should give good speed boost to your Android smartphones and tablets.

Tips to Boost the Speed

Other than the cited fix to speed up your Android phone, here are some of the usual but helpful tips and tricks in case you are not using the full potential of your smartphone:

- Get rid of the unused/inactive apps

- Clear off widgets and shortcuts from your screen

- Periodically clear "App Cache"

- Move your downloaded apps from phone memory to SD card

- Get an "app launcher" (Example: GO Launcher EX) to make the app launching faster

Source : IBTimes

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